Xanax Addiction

If you’ve been diagnosed with, major depression or anxiety, or a panic disorder you may have been prescribed an anti-depressant called Xanax. You may wonder if you can become addicted to Xanax or have a Xanax Addiction at a point.


When people develope an Xanax addiction, they are taking more then prescribed of Xanax a day. Xanax assists you to relax and some they are not satisfied with just being relaxed they want the rush of being high. For some personalities, they chase the feeling of groggy. They grave the easy going life style even though their own life may be in chaos.


Men and women can develope an addiction to Xanax. Xanax has no Gender preference. Xanax works the same for both sexes. Xanax is easily available on the street or by close or not so close friends who have a prescription. Normally sold for $4 to $5 dollars per pill. When a co-payment is only $20 for 50 pills normally a few bucks to be made comes easy. Not so legal but this is a common practice.


Xanax Addiction can become just as serious as Heroin addiction and should be treated as so. Many people use Xanax with other substances such as beer or alcohol which enhances the effects and renders the user a more sustained high, but mixing the two can leave the user with symptoms such as slurred speech, stumbling, poor vision and eventually the user will pass out or go to sleep early.

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